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Family offices have existed since at least the 18th century. Their objective is to support high-net-worth individuals and families to manage their finances. In this capacity, family offices often encompass additional services such as financial, legal, and tax advisory but are of help also in a variety of other services like family governance and other family internal affairs. They can assume the role of advisors and executor of the most different issues.

In today’s world, wealthy families are becoming more and more globally oriented and their dealings more and more complex. A family office can support such families by managing their wealth in many aspects. The benefits that arise from such collaboration include, but are not limited to.


A family office is usually composed of diverse teams of professionals that have expertise in financial planning, asset management, investment controlling, legislation, fiscal aspects, and accounting. Hence, a family office combines knowledge for all aspects of wealth management to accomplish the best results for their clients.

Full-time Focus

Managing substantial wealth successfully and conduct financial planning adequately often require a large share of time and can even evolve to a full-time job. Delegating these tasks to a team of experts can free the customer’s time and energy to focus on their own work and interests. At the same time, they can have the reassuring feeling that their wealth is in competent hands.

Alignment of Interest

The interests of a family can be aligned with those of a family office much easier than with those of several separate entities that only perform one or a few duties for their clients. Such a relationship supports avoiding personal or financial conflicts so that all services of a family office are performed solely in support of the family’s best financial interest.

Cost Savings

Family offices can support their clients in saving costs in different ways. This includes the institutional pricing that clients can benefit from, an accurate tax management that reduces the tax burden, and also the legal advisory that supports avoiding jurisdictional issues and legal risks. All of these aspects contribute to a better performance with a more suitable risk profile for the family.

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